The Birth of Little Beam – Tracey Lawrence

| Tracey Lawrence
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Little Beam Ltd was literally the crashing of two energies. I (Tracey) met Kerry to help her with formatting her first children’s books and we found huge synergy between our businesses. Kerry had written her book to support female empowerment and Tracey was an award-winning author with her mental health and wellbeing series. The first meeting was literally two minds meeting and ended up full of plans to support more and more children. From this meeting, Little Beam Ltd was born.

Little Beam is a character that we hope you can all identify with. She signifies your inner child and shows that everyone has that inner light that can support them with mental health and wellbeing.

Together we released a variety of different children’s books supporting mental health and wellbeing. We worked with our powerhouse of an illustrator, Sean Webster, to design a range of educational stationery, affirmation cards and resources.

From this we have launched a mental health clothing line called S;Types which is designed to make an awareness of children and adults cutting through their own stereotypes. We are an ally of all different communities and want to raise awareness for a variety of causes.

In June 2021 we are also launching our own charity, Little Beam Foundation which will provide grants and opportunities for children from birth to 18 that will support them with their mental health and wellbeing.

From a meeting between two people to three mental health businesses and a charity shows how much of a positive force collaboration can be.

Watch this space…

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