It’s Our Goal to Educate the Whole Child
and support them to be the
best that they can be.

Little Beam Ltd is made up of Tracey Lawrence and Kerry Hearsey. Tracey is a Headteacher at a primary school in Leicestershire committed to educating the whole child and supporting them to be the best that they can be. Kerry is a Life and Business coach who empowers people to follow their truth and unlock their potential.

Little Beam Ltd was born when Tracey and Kerry collaborated on a children’s book back in 2018. During this meeting they realised a shared vision for supporting children in education and with their mental health and wellbeing. Both had the aim to reach out to as many people as possible, raise awareness of difficult issues and unlock communication with children to allow them to be resilient and strong when faced with life and the variety of challenges it brings.

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Children need support for positive mental health and wellbeing, now more than ever. Our vision is to provide that support through our short stories in order to cut through stereotypes

Tracey Lawrence
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Prior to Little Beam Ltd, Tracey published through Bloomsbury, SAGE Education and SRL Publishing. Tracey and Kerry’s first title together was Alan Anxiety which rapidly grew in popularity and turned into a series with support from some of the biggest sporting teams nationally. Tracey and Kerry have worked alongside Leicester Tigers, Leicester Riders, MIND as well as supporting girl’s education in Malawi along with many other fantastic organisations.

With the rapid growth of the short stories collection, Tracey and Kerry linked with local, small businesses to create a range of supporting resources for their short stories. Transitional keyrings, role play puppets and resource notepads sit perfectly alongside the stories to promote talk and communication.

In 2020, Tracey & Kerry set up the Little Beam Foundation,  Turn the Tide which supports girl’s education in Malawi and many other fantastic organisations to stride forward in providing mental health and wellbeing support for children up to the age of 18 by providing grants for additional resources, experiences and therapies. Website coming soon.

More recently, businesses have been providing sponsorship to post short stories to schools nationally ensuring access to mental health and wellbeing tools of communication which has led to the expansion of the Alan Anxiety sports series into Derby, Derbyshire and Sheffield.

2021 saw expansion into affiliate schemes to have brand reps for the resources. In addition, Tracey and Kerry launched a Mental Health Clothing and Apparel range called S;Types – Cutting Through Stereotypes. They believe it is just another way in which we can open discussions on Mental Health & Wellbeing. 

All areas of work within Little Beam Ltd come back to the sole purpose of providing support to children with their mental health and wellbeing which is and always will be, our priority.

Photo of the author Tracey Lawrence


Author, Behaviour Specialist & Headteacher

Photo of the author Tracey Lawrence


Author, Educator & Life Coach 

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