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*Phonics Series – Phase 2, 3 and 5


Our books can be split into each phonics phase: Phase 2, 3 and 5. Each book corresponds with each sound that is taught within that phase. 

They are 10 pages long and the books in phase 3 and 5 are designed to be completely decodable for the children to read themselves. They are illustrated with fun characters by Sean Webster from Liverpool.  

Each book has accompanying resources from Teacher’s Pet which extends the learning even further. 


Our phonics books can be used to work alongside a child so that you can see and assess their phonic knowledge. As they are linked to each sound, you can assess whether your child has retained that knowledge and whether they are able to apply it.

Similarly, our books can be used to send home with children for them to enjoy and show that they can read and decode independently. The structure within their book supports those at home to support their children, if needed.

Why / Impact?

We wrote these books as we wanted to offer an alternative range for children to enjoy. They impact straightaway as they are written using the sounds a child will have learnt prior to the book that they are on. The books have fun and vivid illustrations that bring to life our short stories.

Mental Health & Wellbeing Series


Our mental health and wellbeing short stories cover a variety of life events, such as, bereavement, loss and anxiety. They are designed to unlock conversations with your child.

All of our short stories are 10 pages long and are illustrated with vivid artwork to engage primary children.

We pride ourselves on our series representing a diverse range of characters and families so that children can identify with them easily.


They are a must for every primary school aged child’s bookshelf. Children can enjoy them at their own pace and it will provide strategies to support them with areas such as anxiety without being direct. Educators and pastoral workers can utilise them by referring to strategies during the school day to support children in a proactive way rather than reactive. By discussing the short stories with children, they can act as a tool to open up communication and conversation with the children.

Why / Impact?

The journey started when Tracey’s Dad passed away from cancer and needed a way of helping her nephew to process the information. She wrote a book which supported him with this and opened up the conversation in a subtle way.

This led to a book publishing contract and the start of the journey in cutting through stereotypes. The impact of our series of books ensures that no topic is off limits.

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