How can you help your child to manage and express their emotions? – Rachel Brown


Is your child struggling with anxiety? Are they unwilling to try anything? Is their behaviour out of character and causing stress to the whole family?

I get it. For a number of years my son used to hide behind the curtain; he used to storm out of the room if he knew he had done something wrong and he never appeared to hear a word I said. I knew something wasn’t right but I felt totally helpless because I didn’t seem able to get through to him. I also became increasingly frustrated with the school systems for dealing with a child who didn’t quite seem to fit into a specific box. Then we discovered he had dyslexia and this led me on a path to understanding not just how dyslexics react to things but children in general.

You see children struggle to express emotions and if they are not taught to recognise, understand and work through their emotions they can end up suppressing the negative ones and this can cause a several things to happen. For example – their body will produce higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol and the higher the levels of cortisol the more it will suppress the sleep hormone melatonin, therefore resulting in sleep problems. Also when children suppress emotions and bottle them up they actually make those emotions stronger and this can either be expressed in the form of ill health or in the form of a behaviour, which is amplified.

What can you do to help?

Children have so much to give and yet we are seeing more and more children suffering with mental health issues. Emotions are basically energy and if we can help children release their negative energy and build up their positive energy then I believe they will:
  • Develop greater resilience
  • Develop better coping skill
  • Perform better at school
  • Have a more positive sense of self

As an Holistic Therapist and qualified Pharmacist with experience teaching and working in special needs schools and as a parent of a dyslexic child, I understand how frustrating it can be both as a parent and from the child’s point of view when they are struggling and can’t explain what is wrong. My experiences both with science and holistic therapies have made me realise that everything comes back to our feelings and the associated energy of those feelings.

Rachel Brown is a holistic therapist and the founder of Chakra Kids. She supports primary aged children build their confidence, self belief and positivity and manage their emotions using fun engaging and holistic methods whilst also helping their parents find freedom from stress fatigue and lack of energy through the use of natural holistic therapies As an Holistic Therapist and qualified Pharmacist with experience teaching and working in special needs schools and with personal experience of struggling with emotions as a result of a chronic illness Rachel has found that combining traditional methods with holistic ones enables all aspects of health to be addressed, physical, mental and spiritual and this in turn has helped her to find greater balance, harmony and self worth. Now she’s on a mission to help as many children as possible shine brightly like the stars that they are.

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