Sophie Shares Her Secret



Sophie held her secret close, fearing what would happen if she shared her story. But the moment she did, her whole life started to change for the better.

With every purchase of this book, £1.00 of each sale will be donated to the “If Only” Charity.

if Only…

Child Sexual Abuse is an epidemic that thrives in secrecy and compels its victims to remain silent, often for decades. Countless Survivors have felt empowered to disclose their abuse, many for the first time, however, others have remained silent.

Whilst disclosure is very important for many Survivors, sadly it is only one part of the healing process ahead of them.

Whether a Survivor has disclosed or not they need the support, love and kindness of another human being.

Child Sexual Abuse impacts Survivors long after the abuse has stopped. For years, even decades, Survivors may experience depression, addictions, strained relationships, insomnia, and even anxiety and panic attacks.

We had a vision, a passion and a dream and with those 3 things if Only… began.

We feel it is so important that society is aware of the suffering that Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse endure, not only at the time but throughout their entire life.

We as society have a duty to help those Survivors and those children who are suffering today.

We want to help educate society about what Trauma really means, and the impact it has on the life of a Survivor of Childhood Sexual Abuse.

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